I snack more than I can jog. I love sunsets and I like the rain. I love the sun by the sea as much as the fog in the mountains.

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Hi, it’s me – Marcel

I am a narrator

Photography is freedom to me. Freedom to express things the way I feel them right in that moment as they happen. Candid and genuine. It’s a great pleasure to accompany people on their way. Wherever the path leads, it is the story behind the people that inspire me again and again. This is what drives me forward and makes my work become what it is.

My way of working I would describe as very calm and unaffected. Right in the middle and yet almost invisible. Nothing is further from my mind than the pushiness of the stereotypical press photographer. For me, the greatest praise is when, at the end of the day, I talk to the couple or the guests and they tell me that they haven’t noticed me at all.


I love the Upper Lusatia. I was born and raised here. Here I am connected. Here I am at home. In 2004 I also started studying here and discovered my love for photography. However, my studies had absolutely nothing to do with photography. I am an industrial engineer and have also worked in corresponding positions for 8 years. In 2016 my former employer gave me a chance and I took it. Since then I have been on my own way and I am full of pride, joy and gratitude that I can make a living with photography.

There is only one thing in my life that is more important than photography and that is my family – especially Mary. My wife. My best friend. My biggest love. We’ve been married since 2011. Since then a lot of things happened. Milina and Maylo – our little bandits – they are the driving force behind everything we do. Only through them we have learned to enjoy life to the fullest. Our youngest family member is our Jack Russell Sammy. Constantly plagued by wanderlust, we are nevertheless very close to home and love the Upper Lusatia with all its facets and explore it as often as possible a little bit more.

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