stylish. touching. PHOTOBOOTH

With GIFmySNAP the name is program. Because GIFmySNAP is more than just a photobooth. With this GIF Booth you can easily create animated GIF pictures of you and your friends at every party and send them via SMS and email or share them directly on Facebook & co.


“Push it! Push it! Push it!”

So or so it will sound like 1000 times at your event with the GIFmySNAP – because here the guest himself becomes a photographer. Once positioned in front of the photobooth, the guests forget everything around them and memories of a very special kind are created – simply because I’m not holding the camera. Every guest brings his own creativity into the picture.

At this point, however, I must issue a warning from my own experience – there is danger of addiction!


No wires, no worries. GIFmySNAP runs on batteries and has enough power to hold a typical 6-8 hour event anywhere in the world without power supply or battery replacement.

iPad Power

Simple and powerful. GIFmySNAP uses the 10.5″ or the 12.9″ iPad Pro. The built-in 7 megapixel camera and the enormous computing power guarantee maximum pleasure when using the large display.

Great ring light

The key to the incredible photos is the great ring light. Due to the round arrangement around the camera, the ring light creates a beautiful glow in the eyes of your guests.

Fully in trend

GIFs are very popular at the moment and GIFmySNAP is a true GIF champion. Whether simple, boomerang or with an overlay, GIFmySNAP can create them all and send them in no time via SMS, email and share them in social media.

Simply stylish

The GIFmySNAP not only impresses with its minimalist, elegant design and high-quality appearance, but also with its reduced operation and deliberately kept very simple. Everyone can operate this photobooth with just a few fingertips.


Make GIFmySNAP your photobooth. Whether screen, GIF, printout or the online gallery – everything can be designed with the branding of your event or your company.


Frequently asked questions

Fotobox, what is this?

Stylishly to the next Selfie. With the Fotobox you and your guests become a photographer yourself. A photobox has a camera and a touchscreen, with which you can take your own pictures using a self-timer. The built-in ring light creates a beautiful glow in the eyes of your guests or customers due to the round arrangement around the camera and thus ensures a glamorous look of the pictures.

At private parties, such as a wedding, the GIFmySNAP is a welcome change between dance floor and late-night talk, especially in the evening hours. For companies, a photo box is perfect to attract the attention of customers at trade fairs or promotions and can also provide an enormous reach in the social media channels.

Due to the elegant design in dark beech wood the photo box looks more like a piece of furniture and fits perfectly into any location.


Videos are the new pictures. No matter if in social media or live picture on the mobile phone. In recent years, the trend has continued to animate pictures. The true pound of GIFmySNAP are the animated GIFs. Here 16 pictures are taken in a short time one after the other and put together in a boomerang. The result is a short animated video from a total of 32 images.

GIF my SNAP is freely translated the melodious short form for animate my snapshots.

Who is GIFmySNAP actually meant for?

Whether private party or promotion action of a large company. GIFmySNAP offers an incomparable experience for every guest and customer.

You plan a wedding or birthday party? Perfect, GIFmySNAP captures the exuberant mood during the day or in the evening and creates souvenirs for eternity.

You work for a company and you are planning a big promotion or a visit to a fair? Perfect, GIFmySNAP can help you increase your reach in social media or get people to your booth and create a special brand connection by customizing the images and printouts

What happens to the images?

Internet connection provided, all images will be uploaded to an online gallery directly during creation. You have unlimited access to this gallery. The guests or customers can send their pictures directly via SMS or email. You alone decide whether this message contains a link to the complete gallery.

During the event the pictures can be sent by link and if desired also be printed directly by the guests or customers. There is even the possibility to project the pictures on a wall via a beamer during the event.

Do I need an internet connection?

GIFmySNAP is mainly used for the animation of your snapshots. Of course you can also save them offline on the photo box and send them afterwards. But for the maximum user experience GIFmySNAP should already have an active internet connection. Only then the pictures can be distributed immediately via SMS or email.

The Internet connection can be established either via a local network or via the mobile hotspot we provide. If there really is no local Internet connection available, all pictures are stored in a queue offline in GIFmySNAP and sent collectively as soon as the photo box is connected to the Internet.

What should we do with GIFs - we can't hang them on the wall

DO. That works. You can create printed images from the GIFs in the same way. GIFs are the trend. Whether simple, boomerang or with overlay, GIFmySNAP can create them all and send them in no time via SMS, email and share them in social media. This is exactly where the advantage of GIFmySNAP lies. It has its finger on the pulse of time. GIFs are the new images.

Can I use GIFmySNAP with a printer?

The great strength of GIFmySNAP Fotobox is without a doubt the speed with which pictures can be shared online with friends and family. Nevertheless, a classic version with one printout is of course possible. The print-outs can also be designed individually.

How long can we rent the GIFmySNAP?

Basically the Fotobox is rented for an event. This event must be set up on the photo box beforehand and is limited to 24 hours. Of course, the Fotobox can also be rented for a longer period. For this we can gladly work out an individual concept together. From long-term rental to purchase, everything is possible here.

I have my own design - can I customize GIFmySNAP?

You have your own design for your wedding or a CI of your company? Perfect. GIFmySNAP is completely customizable. You can embed your logo, customize the overlays and even the printouts to your design. Also the galleries and even the user interface can be adapted to your needs. Just talk to us about this!

Do you have such funny accessories for us?

The offer itself does not contain any accessories. We have already accompanied many events that did not include any accessories. If you still think it’s important, please contact us while planning the event, we have our recommendations and usually a few things in stock.

What do we need to set up GIFmySNAP

GIFmySNAP was designed for tight spaces. With a minimal footprint of just under one square meter, the photo box itself requires very little space. The guests then need another 2-4 square meters of space.

Whether you want to use an additional background or not is entirely up to you. GIFmySNAP can also be easily aligned in the room. A power source is NOT needed by the photo box. GIFmySNAP has enough power to capture a typical 6-8 hour event anywhere in the world without any power supply or battery replacement

Everywhere you are!

No matter where you celebrate your wedding – from Norderney to the Alps, I bring the GIFmySNAP everywhere with me. Even a flight is no problem due to the compact design. If you book the photobooth in combination with a wedding documentary, the setup and an online gallery with all pictures is included in the price. Optional are a print option or the possibility to play all pictures live on a screen during the event via a beamer.

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