Frequently asked questions about the wedding

You are looking for your photographer and at the end of the day questions keep coming up that you ask yourself. Here in the FAQ you will find an answer to the most important questions about my services. If not all questions are answered in the FAQ, please send me a mail to hallo@marcelschroeder.de

The most frequently asked questions

You work alone?

At weddings I generally work alone. I believe that it is not absolutely necessary to capture every moment from different perspectives. Much more important to me is that your guests and of course you should feel as comfortable and undisturbed as possible.
But of course it also depends a bit on the size of the wedding party. For really big weddings, a second photographer is simply recommended. In this case I have a network of photographers who can accompany me. I can also access this network if it becomes apparent that I cannot accompany your wedding for health reasons.
Speaking of backup – should a camera or lens fail at a wedding, that’s no problem at all. I always have at least a second camera with me and different lenses as well.

Do you only attend weddings in Germany?

I mainly photograph weddings in Central and Eastern Germany, of course. But I love to travel and after our 3 month road trip across half of Europe I can’t get enough of all the beautiful places in Europe.

Can we meet first?

Whenever possible, I always try to meet with my couples before the wedding. Ideally even before we sign the contract. But sometimes a personal meeting is simply not possible. In this case we will definitely skype in any case. I think it is very important to get to know each other beforehand and make sure that the chemistry between us is right. This is the only way to build up trust in me, which is necessary for natural and authentic pictures.

We don't feel quite so comfortable in front of a camera, can you handle it?

Don’t even worry about it. We will have enough contact before the wedding and you can build up enough trust in me during this time to lean back comfortably all day long. I take a lot of pictures from the moment. Not only during the reportage, but also during the couple shooting. Over the day you will often not even notice me. And also at the couple shooting I will give you the security that you will feel comfortable for the moment.

Do you actually do group pictures?

Of course I also capture the pictures with family and friends for you. Often a wedding is the only day in many years where the whole gang is together. It would be a pity not to photograph the people who are important to you together with you!

How many weddings have you photographed so far?

In the meantime I have been photographing weddings for more than 10 years and have accompanied over 100 weddings.

How long do you entertain wedding couples on their big day?

I attend most weddings about 12 hours. This time is perfect to start at Getting Ready and capture the wedding until the evening.
For me personally it is very important to tell the whole day how it happens. A wedding is more than just a registry office and bridal couple shooting. You will see this at the latest when you hold the pictures of your whole day in your hands.
But also applies – exceptions confirm the rule. It often happens that my couples perform the formal wedding ceremony at the registry office during the week. In this case the effort is deliberately kept to a minimum. In this case I also offer shorter escort times.

What happens when we realize on the day of the wedding that we'd like you to stay with us longer?

Sometimes not everything goes according to plan at a wedding and there is a bit of a draught. I’ve never been exactly on time when the appointed time is up. I’ll remind you when I realize our window of opportunity isn’t going to be enough. If you wish, I’d be happy to stay longer.
The offer/contract will specify the costs for this. If the costs per hour seem a bit high at first, please consider that besides the presence at the party, there is of course also a not inconsiderable amount of work for image selection and editing.

When and how do we get the pictures?

My ambition is to upload the pictures directly into the online gallery the following week. Unfortunately it is not always possible to keep this short time span due to time constraints.

How many pictures can we expect?

The number of images depends on many factors. First of all, of course, the duration of the accompaniment. Furthermore the weather and the mood of the whole company play an important role. But also you can contribute to the planning of the whole day to provide more highlights. I am not a friend of promising a number of pictures per hour. Usually you can look forward to 450-550+ pictures during a 12-hour documentory.

We want our pictures not to appear on the Internet - is that possible?

For us wedding photographers it is very important to be allowed to publish pictures of weddings so that future bridal couples can convince themselves of the quality and creativity of the photographer’s work. If you still don’t want your pictures to appear on my website or in my social media channels, of course this is also possible.

How can we book our wedding date?

I only make a binding reservation for a date if I have a binding commitment in the form of a signed contract. Until then, whoever signs first gets the date. If I should plan a personal meeting with you in the distant future and another couple signs up for the same date, I would contact you and we would have to see how we can speed things up.

How's the payment working out?

Don’t worry about paying on your wedding day. With the signing of the contract, 30% of the contractually agreed amount is due. The rest of the amount you can pay in peace after the wedding.
Should you wish to withdraw from the contract before the wedding, this is of course possible. The reservation fee of 30% is not refundable.