Nice to have you by my side!

I’m very pleased that you come along the way and that you now have the time to take a look around. Time is something precious these days. It’s a fast moving time in which we live. So it’s more important then ever to enjoy these great moments that life offers us in all it’s beauty.
Weddings are such great moments. The big day. But honestly it is much more than this. It is the beginning of a life together, full of love, full of laughter. The start of a new family. I want to make your most beautiful moments and feelings on this day last forever. This is exactly my goal.

So have a nice time here.

Marcel schroeder Fotograf Hochzeit commercial 001 Wedding

Hi, I’m Marcel // professional wedding photographer

When I startet out with photography I used to care about the perfectly staged picture. Everything had to be perfect. But these days my understanding of photography has changed completely.

Today photography means a lot more to me. It’s my language to express myself like I never could with words and writing. More than ever it’s about capturing the moment. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It has to be real. Like the love, the love between you!

I need your trust for that. Let me be more than a vendor on your biggest day. Let me be your friend. Your companion, who stays side by side to you. The one who knows you. Because when this happens, I can take my best pictures.

My vision

Imagine you will open your photo book in 5, 10 or 20 years and you will relive every moment. This is, when my dream has become reality.

my photography is journalistic, with a twist of art and understatement. Always honest and modern with timeless beauty. I just let things happen and capture the interpersonal. It’s not about documenting every detail of your big day minute by minute – rather I see it as my job to take the picture that tells a much bigger story. It’s not about just changing rings. It’s about happiness, tension and tears of joy. It’s about your love, from the very beginning of that day to the last dance.

Read enough? Perfect. I picked out some of my very best stories for you. Take a look at the following galleries. If you don’t get enough, you can find more Lovestorys here.

Hochzeitsfotograf Dresden Engagement Homeshooting Wedding

the best lovestorys

Kind words of my couples

Hochzeitsfotograf Dresden Testimonial 001 Wedding

Julia & Julian

Julia & Julian have shown me, that weddings can be more than just a beautiful day and what really matters. Having a good time with friends and family. It was a perfect wedding week on Norderney , topped off with the celebration on Saturday.

… We would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for your photographic masterpiece for our wedding. The pictures have are beautiful and an exactly match to the style we had imagined for one of the most beautiful days in our life. You captured every moment and never missed an important moment. The photobooth was a hit at the celebration and the taken pictures are awesome. We made the perfect choice with you! …

Hochzeitsfotograf Dresden Testimonial 002 Wedding

Nadine & Alex

A classic castle wedding with a flash mob. Thats the perfect way to describe Nadine and Alex’s wedding at Scharfenberg Castle

… We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your commitment and patience for all our wishes and questions. You were a really great companion for us, not just photographically and we thank you so much for capturing these magical pictures as a memory. We had an unforgettable wedding party, which thanks to your captured moments will never fade …

Hochzeitsfotograf Dresden Testimonial 003 Wedding

Isabel & Friedmar

A wedding is more than a roaring festival with outdated traditions. It’s all about connecting two people who love each other. Isabel and Friedmar have impressively demonstrated this to me.

… from the first moment at our first meeting in the café, we were immediately impressed by your relaxed, personable and very down-to-earth nature. It was immediately clear to us that we absolutely wanted to accompany you through the day … your view of the right and special moments, your relaxed and very calming nature at “work” and your creative nature are reflected in the beautiful pictures … We did not have to pretend, not to pose stiffly or to represent and embody things that are not our personality correspond … You have created memories that are full of emotions, that tell a story – not just those of the wedding – that set us back every time and awaken the emotions within us. We will be eternally grateful for your wonderful moments …

But now I’m interested in your love story. Feel free to tell me about your wishes and dreams for the greatest day in your life.

Write me a message!